Source: E15.CZ Date: 18.10.2021

In mid-September, an agreement was signed on the sale of the Serbian company Beohemija, which we newly acquired from the holding CE Industries, owned by the entrepreneur Jaroslav Strnad. The holding, which does not yet work mainly in the railway industry, recycles raw materials and energy, thus newly expanding into the FMCG area, in which Beohemija operates. CE Industries CEO Adam Šotek adds: “Despite the acquisition of Beohemije, CE Industries focuses mainly on the railway industry, raw material recycling and energy. But FMCG and home drugstores represent an interesting investment opportunity for us, which we decided to use. We do not rule out further acquisitions in this field and in this region. “Beohemija is a strong domestic brand in Serbia producing work powders, fabric softeners, dishwasher powders, window cleaners and demineralized water. The Belgrade-based company had sales of 23 million euros and EBITDA of less than five million euros in 2020 and is an employer for more than 200 people.

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