Source: Hospodářské noviny, Týdeník HROT Date: 01.09.2022

The owners of the Tatra Trucks automotive company in Kopřivnice, Czech industrialists René Matera and Jaroslav Strnad, have taken control of the giant Croatian engineering group Đuro Đaković Group (DDG).

It is one of the largest industrial companies in Croatia. The Czechs entered the company in 2020, but the investment operation was finally completed on the last day of August at the company's general meeting. The Czech investor invested a total of 232 million kuna, i.e. over 750 million crowns, in DDG. The amount is a combination of cash and fixed assets. Against this capital, 23.2 million new shares will be subscribed. The resulting ownership share of the Czech investor duo will be 82 percent. 

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