Date: 24.06.2022

Employees of our holding were very pleased to accept an invitation from our subsidiary Chemcomex to visit units 3 and 4 at the Mochovce nuclear power plant. Chemcomex is involved in the completion of the plant's machine room, so they were able to present months and years of work within our group.

Under the supervision of the site security commander, the group was split into smaller groups for safety reasons and these were then moved in a coordinated fashion by local minibus to the training room where everyone received safety training and then changed into the prescribed attire. The Managing Director of Chemcomex, Vlastislav Staněk, and the plant safety engineer then briefly described the surrounding buildings and explained the difference between a chimney and a cooling tower.

With the kind guidance and guided tour of the start-up manager, everyone moved to the engineering building, where, after loading their assigned entry cards, they were given a view from a height of almost ten metres, from which they could also see Unit 3. The tour of the primary section, the reactor hall, including steam generators and other technologies, aroused real interest, and the subsequent lecture on the operation of the plant, the method of fuel loading and its conversion illustrated to all participants how the process of generating electricity from nuclear power works.

Thank you for the tour and the perfect organization of the event.