Date: 12.07.2022

Vítkovice Railway Repair Works started cooperation with V.K.S. Vagon Komerc Speed, spol. s.r.o. in 2021. This company is a major player on the market engaged in the rental and new production of a wide range of types of freight railway wagons. It has been present on the railway market since 1992 and currently has a fleet of about 1000 wagons and operates another 4500 wagons in the On Rail group.

"At the beginning of our cooperation, we naturally had to reflect the specific requirements of the customer and implement them both in the repairs themselves and in the output wagon documentation. Thanks to the detailed technical specification at the entry of the cars for revision, our cooperation is progressing very well and to mutual satisfaction," explains Daniel Marek, Managing Director of VŽO, adding: "Year-on-year, we have increased the volume of vehicle repairs for V.K.S. by 66 %, mainly in the form of complete repairs of the Fals series of coal wagons, but also the Eaos. The cooperation between our companies has further expanded to include overhauls of single wheelsets and heavier routine repairs as well as superstructure refurbishments. We plan to continuously expand our cooperation in other sectors related to railway operations."