Date: 19.07.2022

Representatives of our subsidiary Chemcomex a.s., Mr. Vlastislav Staněk and Daniel Doležal, attended the important KERNTECHNIK 2022 conference in Leipzig on 21-22 June. The main topic was the cooperation of Czech companies in the decommissioning of nuclear units in Germany and the construction of new units in the Czech Republic. For example, the representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Mr. Jan Prášil, spoke and a number of Czech company representatives participated. "It was also a pleasure to meet Mr. Ondrej Karas from the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin. Part of our programme included personal meetings with representatives of individual companies, which we consider to be the most valuable output we take away. We regularly focus on energy policy in our western neighbours, so developing long-term relationships in Germany is one of our company's long-term goals," said Daniel Doležal, the company's Commercial Director.