Date: 10.11.2022

The stars of Ostrava's Mír Theatre Albert Čuba, Štěpán Kozub, Robin Ferro and Vladimír Polák and the protagonists of the cult sketch improv show Three Tigers moved to the movie screen this year and SPV employees were there. In fact, the production company chose the company's premises to shoot several scenes from the film "Three Tigers in the Movies: JACKPOT," which premiered May 26.

Filming on the premises took place last year, specifically from 3 to 6 July. Petr Hermann, the sales and technical representative, communicated with the production on behalf of SPV: "We spent a long time looking for a suitable date so that we would not have to limit our operations. In the end, we used the days of the technical shutdown."

Even though there was no need to restrict operations, the start of this cooperation was not easy. "We were approached directly by Albert Čuba, who also came for a personal tour of our facility. Unfortunately, after the first meeting, we had an unpleasant incident with a fire in the recycling line and the production was worried about whether filming would even take place. Eventually we managed to get everything back in order quickly and a second tour followed, which was attended by almost the entire crew including actors, sound engineers and directors. It was then that we met the producer Jana Juříčková in person for the first time, with whom I was in contact the whole time and we worked out all the details," Petr describes the very beginning of the shoot.

In the end, everything worked out well, and the SPV employees experienced a very unusual spectacle because they were able to participate in the filming. And not only that, they even added their hand to the work, Petr recalls with a smile and adds: "Sometimes we even participated in the preparation of props. For example, we prepared the old green Jaguar that is destroyed by falling car wrecks in the film. We warned the production that if the car wasn't prepared, the desired effect wouldn't happen after the car wrecks fell. So we ended up cutting the car's pillars from the side not visible in the footage to break the roof. The excavator who gets hit by a kicked stone in the film and drops the wreckage on the old Jaguar is our colleague Jan Adamčík."

We asked how the film production itself perceived the whole shooting on the SPV premises. "Albert Čuba, the author of the theme and screenplay for Jackpot, chose the SPV site. The actual filming on the set was very challenging due to the warm weather, the 35 degree heat combined with the concrete and iron gave us all a hard time. I remember all of our friends and fans texting us at the time to see if we were burning up. At first we thought they were writing ironically because of the high temperatures at the time. But later we found out that at the same time we were preparing for the shoot, a scrapyard in another part of Ostrava caught fire. Otherwise, the shoot was very nice, we all had a great time, the SPV staff were nice and friendly, and the fact that the site was located a short walk from our theatre was just such a nice bonus. I would like to thank the management of the company for allowing us to shoot at all, and especially a big thanks to Petr Hermann, who was in charge of us and who tried to accommodate us in everything, we appreciate it very much," said Jana Juříčková.

You can watch the whole film on Netflix. The first scene filmed at the site can be found at the beginning of the seventh minute and the reference to SPV Recycling is of course not missing in the closing credits. A beautiful commercial.