Date: 02.11.2022

We consider training and development to be one of the fundamental pillars of our Group's HR strategy. For us, harnessing the potential of our own people is one of the main ideas behind building relationships. Across our companies, we are looking for talented colleagues who enjoy their work and want to develop dynamically together with our Group.

We are very pleased to be able to present the first concrete results to you now. At the end of September, a pilot talent programme was launched for 4 of our HR colleagues:

Lenka Hatáková – Kávoviny

Jessica Bozková – Beohemija CS

Jana Attasková – MICo

Tereza Konečná – CE Industries

We will gradually introduce all our colleagues, including our HR Director, Anna Matoušková, who is in charge of the whole programme. The one-year training programme will combine both theoretical training and, above all, the practical application of the acquired knowledge and skills to our subsidiaries. The HR area was chosen in particular because we will be able to effectively fine-tune the individual parameters of the programme within our own processes.

"As an aspiring HR professional, I am very grateful to be part of the HR talent programme. I have the opportunity to develop my knowledge and skills under the guidance of experienced colleagues, which is a great incentive for me not to stay in one place and to move forward," says Tereza Konečná about her participation in the program.

In parallel to this industry-focused programme for HR professionals, we are also preparing to launch a group-wide talent programme that will be open across industries, regions and disciplines. We will inform you about the details of the group talent programme directly through HR managers and directors of your companies. 

We wish our colleagues every success and fulfilled expectations.