Date: 03.08.2023

Tomáš Zingopi, the company's CEO, told us more about this success: 'The ISO 9001 standard has served us to comprehensively map and describe the company's processes. We set up and defined the powers and responsibilities of each employee.
Across the company, we set KPIs for non-traditional positions so that we could react in time to fluctuations in the key areas controlled by the company. The goal is sustainability and continuous process improvement to achieve the desired strategic goals of the company and satisfaction for all stakeholders."

Our SPV RECYCLING CZ a.s. is engaged in the recycling of metal waste. It has to comply with the relevant waste laws and regulations and it is its responsibility to protect the environment. This agenda is very extensive and it is necessary to keep everything in order and on time. That is why it has also implemented an ISO 14001 management system, which is a great tool to achieve the above needs. With its help, the company has set up control mechanisms for environmental issues.