Date: 09.10.2023

Our company, MICo Servis, has been dealing with the issue of sealing flange connections for a long time. This is usually a replacement for the original metal, asbestos, or spiral seal. Based on many years of experience with sealing, especially exposed joints of nuclear power plants, seals have been developed for the main flange joints of the primary circuits of nuclear power plants: steam generators, main circulating pumps, volume compensators, and hydroaccumulators.

In addition to these main components, MICo Servis has developed and supplies seals for the dividing planes of primary circuit valves and also for valves that perform safety functions in the secondary circuit. For the needs of Ukrainian power plants, our colleagues developed a seal for the Main Dividing Plane (MDP) of the Main Circulating Pump (MCP) of the primary circuit, which serves as a replacement for the original Russian solution. This original metal seal needed to be replaced due to the regular revision of the pump, which takes place every four years. The situation in Ukraine has not been conducive to contact with business partners for a long time. Despite this, MICo Servis has already made nine deliveries this year.