Date: 20.09.2023

Last year's Satisfaction survey, which resulted in corrective actions, has borne fruit. We hope these improvements make your daily work more pleasant and more accessible.
Our employees wanted to strengthen communications with management and to have more information about the status and direction of the company. We are doing what we can.

  • We have four internal company magazines in the group.
  • Each company has a bulletin board to get the latest news.
  • Regular staff meetings are in place in each company.

We also received reports in our survey that employees need more feedback from their bosses. They miss celebrating successes and learning from failures; they miss praise and constructive criticism and sometimes need more conditions for professional development. Some companies have, therefore already implemented, and others are yet to do so:

  • Regular appraisal interviews and competency assessments.
  • Group talent program.
  • Training plans.
  • Open Door Policy.

Our companies have also done significant work improving their working environment. Over the last two years, we have worked hard to ensure that changing rooms, canteens, day rooms, and other areas for employees are pleasant and fit for the 21st century so that employees have a nice place to recharge for the next tasks.