Date: 23.10.2023

Training and development is one of the fundamental pillars of CE Industries' HR strategy. We develop the potential of our people and invest in their knowledge and skills. Therefore, at the end of last September, a pilot Talent Programme was launched for our colleagues from the HR department.

This one-year training program combined theoretical training and practical application of the acquired knowledge and skills to our subsidiaries. Congratulations to our colleagues Tereza Konečná, Jana Attasková, and Lenka Hatáková, who successfully passed the program and gained not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experience in implementing processes and HR tools within our companies.

"As an aspiring HR professional, I am very grateful that I could be part of the HR Talent Programme. I had the opportunity to develop my knowledge under the guidance of experienced colleagues. It's a great incentive for me not to stay in one place and to keep moving forward," says Tereza Konečná, a recent graduate of the program and HR Business Partner.