Date: 08.01.2024

In 2024, we plan to focus on training and developing the most precious thing we have - our employees. 

The implementation of the "Year of Learning" declaration includes several programmes, the implementation of new tools and the involvement of internal and external capacities.
One of them is the newly launched first year of the Talent Programme for our colleagues who are eager to work on themselves and accelerate their career growth.

The inaugural Talent Programme conference was held at the industrial premises of FUTUREUM in Ostrava. 25 great talents who want to develop not only themselves, but also our companies were presented there. Mentors, group management and many other colleagues came to support them. This created a unique networking platform for inspiration and sharing best practices across the CE Industries Group.

Under the supervision of mentors, colleagues will work on their individual and group projects within our divisions. These projects are expected to streamline work or processes across the group. In addition, they will receive soft-skill training to develop important competencies, but they will also deepen their hard-skills.

The interest in the first year of the CE Industries Talent Programme was enormous. We are delighted that our people are interested in working on themselves and bringing benefit and enthusiasm to the whole group.