Date: 23.01.2024

At CE Industries, we are always looking for ways to be better and more responsible.
Our goal is to make the industry more sustainable and to maintain a responsible attitude towards the environment and the people around us. 
One of the key areas we focus on is the recycling of secondary raw materials.

Tomas Zingopi, Director of SPV Recycling, together with Petr Kořínek, who is in charge of energy projects at our company, have come up with a great solution to sort the so-called light fraction efficiently, thus reducing landfill costs and fulfilling our environmental responsibility towards the whole society.

The light and heavy fractions are the output material from the Schredder - our sorting plant, one of the largest and most technologically advanced in the Czech Republic. The Schredder can sort valuable raw material from large pieces of scrap metal, which goes for further processing. The light fraction contains the residual materials - inert materials, metals, secondary materials, and dust. The entire light fraction was previously landfilled at a considerable cost to the company. Colleagues have solved this problem with a so-called "finishing screen" that separates the dust fraction from the more extensive residual materials. The next step will be using a magnetic drum to separate the metal dust from the dust part. This will be further utilized as flux as oxidation for the smelter.

The main environmental objective is sorting the secondary raw materials without waste. The colleagues in the Recycling Division are fulfilling this ambition step by step, leading the company along the path of responsibility and sustainability. Within five years, they want to become landfill-neutral; simply put - they want to be green.