Date: 10.03.2021

ERITECH completed the project documentation for the sorting and shredding of biomass in the ŠKO-ENERGO Facility, supplier of ecologically clean energy

Optimal biomass combustion is not possible without consistent material granulometry and elimination of foreign bodies. Based on operational experience, ERITECH made an engineering study and proposal for the implementation of new equipment for adjustment of fuel intake in the ŠKO-ENERGO facility, which provides the energy for ŠKODA AUTO. Considering sustainable development and production of clean energy new and innovative modern technologies need to be continuously implemented.

Each project has its own limitations, in this case it is very limited space for the installation of a sorting system and shredding unit

The proposed project managed to find the optimal solution. In doing so, ERITECH is able to maintain the location of the receiving unit and at the same time use the existing transport route for the transport of sorted and shredded biomass. The sorting system is located within the limited space created by the small area under reception hopper. A unique modification will be created, by ERITECH, at the outlet of the sorting system, which will enable the separation of foreign bodies. A shredding unit will be located after this sorting system. Part of the design proposal is a complete technological and practical design, including the steel structures and the operational design of technology arrangement.