Date: 13.07.2021

For a renowned manufacturer of building materials, the company Lafarge Cement in Čížkovice, ERITECH finished delivery and commissioning of a technological line for the transport and dosing RDF and chemlon

ERITECH has been selected and entrusted to supply the technological line for the transport and dosing RDF and chemlon for Lafarge Cement in Čížkovice. Lafarge Cement has been actively reducing the use of non-renewable resources for a long time, replacing non-renewables with more than 90 percent alternative fuels. Through continuous investment and modernization of technology, the clinker production line, which uses solid alternative fuels, is one of the most advanced in the central European Region. ERITECH will extend this existing technology with the use of recycled chemlon from tires.

Due to the partial replacement of coal dust with recycled chemlon from tires, the existing solid refuse fuels (SRF) line has been extended. This will enable independent transport and dosing of recycled chemlon into the main transport technology, and in case of failure of another system/part of the existing SRF dosing line, the new line will be able to make-up lose material feed by increasing the transport capacity up to the maximum capacity of the adjoining main conveyor.

Photo: ERITECH a.s.