CE INDUSTRIES - we are a dynamic industrial holding company operating in the European markets of rail transport, raw material recycling and energy. We develop the industry of today for a sustainable future with an emphasis on responsibility, sustainability and respect for the environment and human society. We create unique solutions with added value based on our experience, shared know-how and human potential.

Our strategy also includes increasing investments in the development of our companies, new technologies, employees, working environment and the acquisition of additional companies with interesting potential. Our prestigious industry position is based on a high level of understanding of the individual business sectors, the ability to respond flexibly to customer needs, dynamically changing market and development trends and the integration of companies outside our core sectors of rail transport, raw materials recycling and energy on a pan-European level. The differentiation of our company's products is based on an innovative approach, orientation in new trends, advanced technology, professional competence and reputation while maintaining a competitive price. Our business is based on the principles of sustainable growth while maintaining the optimal development of human society, the environment and economic stability.

Currently we operate in the markets of Central and Southern Europe. Our activities in all markets are fully subordinated to the holding strategy and holding management. Countries with our participation: Czech Republic, Republic of Croatia, Republic of Serbia.

Jaroslav Strnad supervisory board member
Adam Šotek chairman of the board railways
member of board power engineering
Norbert Tóth member of board Recycling
Anna Matoušková member of board human resources
Peter Szuma member of board FMCG

„We are experts with many years of experience in the railway industry. We provide and develop a range of services in the field of railway transport, freight forwarding, road transport and maintenance and service of railway yards or rail vehicles."