Date: 21.03.2023

At the beginning of this autumn, he received an offer to manage two companies from the CE INDUSTRIES group, whose main business is engineering production and supply of technologies to the power engineering sector. He has a degree in nuclear power engineering and has worked professionally in this field for many years. We asked Peter Litvan about his views and plans for the future.

How do you perceive the current situation of conventional and nuclear energy in view of the current developments in Europe?

My belief is that the current situation will change Europe's energy strategy quite significantly. It is clear that the EU will not be able to maintain its original pre-war concept. In view of the current energy problems, individual Member States will adapt their solutions to their own situation and possibilities. It is likely that a significant number of EU Member States will extend the operation of sources that were originally intended to be decommissioned relatively early. This applies in particular to coal and nuclear power plants. The Czech Republic, Poland, and probably other countries will start construction of nuclear units. Older coal units are likely to undergo refurbishment to extend their lifetime.

What is the current position of Chemcomex and MICo in the energy market?

Both MICo and Chemcomex need a degree of stabilisation. MICo is close to successfully completing its reorganisation. It has an excellent product, the company has retained its know-how. However, due to the situation MICo has been in for the last year, there has been a significant slowdown in business activities. Now the company needs to increase this activity substantially and also find non-traditional business opportunities so that custom fulfillment occurs. I anticipate that the company will be able to completely fill its existing capacity within the next 6 months, thereby setting the stage for future growth. Chemcomex is still partly struggling with the situation where for more than a decade it has focused a significant part of its activity on the Mochovce NPP Unit 3 and 4 completion project and has not been very active commercially. However, with the arrival of Dan Dolezal as Commercial Director, the situation has started to change over the last two years. Some interesting contracts have been won and the company now has a chance to develop its competences, which it will need for its stabilisation and possible further development.

What are the main strategic objectives of both companies for the coming period? What synergies and integration benefits are planned?

As I have already outlined, both companies need a certain degree of stabilisation. However, given that MICo is now part of the CE Industries holding, this creates an opportunity for synergies between the two companies. The main areas in which I see a great benefit in the merger are primarily sales and purchasing and, of course, central service. A key area of future strategy is to create a holding company of companies that provide services and products on a large scale, enabling clients to order a large body of technology and services from us. This would cover a more significant proportion of our clients' needs than has been the case to date. This will simplify the supplier selection process for the client and give us the opportunity to create greater added value within individual projects.

What are your immediate plans and how are you looking forward to your new role?

In the coming period I would like to first of all complete and stabilize the team. Together with my colleagues we are working intensively on the strategy of both companies. We would also like to make the most of the strength of the CE Industries holding. Through the Group's well-developed ties, we are looking for additional business partners and opportunities. We are aware that we have a lot of work ahead of us, but I see enthusiasm and willingness to participate in future changes in both companies. In any case, I always find it very encouraging to be surrounded by people who understand the need to keep moving forward. I therefore look forward to the period ahead, which I am sure will be a challenge for all, but will also surely bring satisfaction in the work we are all prepared to do for the success of both companies.