Date: 21.11.2023

Do you have any idea what's behind the word colonial? My grandmothers used to call the shop, which gradually became known as Mixed Goods during socialism. You could buy anything you needed at home, from food to drugstores. Pardubice decided to continue this popular tradition. A small shop with a simple interior and a friendly saleswoman behind the counter opened in the city center, next to the Kávoviny premises.

The shop's location is not accidental, as it primarily serves as Kávoviny's corporate shop. They not only produce Melta, but also many other traditional brands. On the shelves, you'll find Alba mustard, burizones, and spelled biscuits from the factory just a few meters away. In addition, other Czech products are included in the assortment, such as chicory syrups 4Slim. The offer is rounded off by the domestic drugstore Beohemija. The advantage of the shop is a relatively wide range of primarily Czech goods and several products that you can find in health food stores. However, here you can buy them at slightly more pleasant prices. In addition, you will find a ''Save and Save'' zone, with products with a short expiry date.

Judging by the reactions and reviews on the Internet, things are looking good with Colonial. The woman, or rather the lady behind the counter, confirms it: 'Customers like to come back to the company shop because the production of products from Kávovin has been a tradition in Pardubice for almost 130 years. For customers, the quality and freshness of the products are important; for example, Melta is roasted right behind the shop, and the smell of biscuits just being baked is also a frequent attraction for visiting the shop.''